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Many Americans Poised to Lose Medicare Coverage April 1st

A new rule that was made during the COVID-19 pandemic to help people keep their Medicaid coverage will end on Friday. This means that many people might lose their health insurance. Before this rule, people had to renew their Medicaid coverage every year. If they didn't qualify anymore, they would lose their coverage. But in 2020, lawmakers made a new rule that kept people in the program even if they didn't qualify anymore. About 15 million people might lose their health coverage because of this change. The number of people who have Medicaid has gone up by one-third since the pandemic started.

Starting on April 1st, states can start to go back to the old way of doing things. They will check to see if people still qualify for Medicaid and take away coverage from those who don't. This process will take about a year, but some states might do it faster. Even though it might take some time, people are worried that this will be the biggest change to health insurance since the Affordable Care Act started more than ten years ago. A lot of people might lose their Medicaid coverage, and some of them might still be eligible.

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