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Find Peace of Mind with Your Life Insurance Plan

1. Does your current policy cover your needs?

You may have life insurance through work. This coverage can be great to own: It’s usually priced at ultra-low group rates or even paid for by your employer. However, sometimes the coverage isn’t enough to protect your increasing assets, all your financial obligations or a growing family. You also risk becoming uninsured if you change jobs.

A private policy can provide more coverage and security. And if you already have private coverage, check whether your policy benefit is high enough to protect your loved ones fully if the unexpected happens.

2. Do your beneficiaries know about your policy?

While life insurance companies make every effort to find and pay a policy’s beneficiaries, remember to keep your loved ones up to date as well. You can tell your beneficiaries you have a policy and explain how to access its benefits.

3. Do you know where to turn for help?

What type of policy to carry or whether you have enough coverage may be unclear if you’re not a financial or insurance professional. Of course, you can always reach out to discuss your life insurance policy or update your coverage.

Do you have other questions about life insurance or anything else? Get in touch today!



Barb Scott “The Health Insurance Expert”

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